Who are we ?

Marc CZERNIC, founder of the brand .

“Mainly manufactured in countries such as China, Vietnam and other Asian countries, the cap has remained a fashion accessory for too long not benefiting the French and the French market. The need for a high-end headgear emphasizing forward the excellence of French know-how and responding to a growing demand for made in France was therefore, for me, obvious.

During my business studies in Bordeaux, I regularly wore caps. The problem being that, on the French market and on the cap market in general, it is very difficult to find a cap that stands out for its design and in addition to French made .

At the end of my studies I set up a first sales business in the world of watchmaking. It didn't take me long to realize that the provenance of my products was neither economically responsible nor a guarantee of quality.

Intuitively, I redirected myself to the world of headgear, my desire was to offer the French a cap with a unique style and bright colors , but above all made in France this country to which we owe so much ..

A product that benefits the French economy and employment.

From there was born the brand MARC CAPUT .

MARC as a reminder of my first name, and CAPUT pronouncing " It stinks ", which comes from the translation of the word" head "in Latin.

MARC CAPUT is the result of a desire to create a truly high-end cap, made in France with French fabric, which will last over time thanks to its excellent quality. The goal is to participate in reducing the waste of ready-to-wear, by offering a durable and well-made cap. "

Marc CZERNIC, founder of the brand .